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 A single mother from Cairo

The following story comes from a 35-year-old single mother whom her husband is an anti-social psychopath. She came to our ministry for counseling after her husband left her with no money at all with their two young daughters after he abused and drained the whole family emotionally and financially to the last penny through out nine years of marriage. After counseling our office could financially support her as well...


“I’d like to start my word with expressing my deep thanks for the generous help that came from your side. I find no words enough to express my gratitude.

The time of sending the first offering to me was an evident to God’s caring and loving to me and to my oldest daughter (10 years old), where it was just the time to submit her school installment of this second term, which I did not have. In all levels, I conceder this a full real miracle due to the major domestic change that have happened in my personal and financial life few years ago. Since then, one of my worst nightmares is having the money of my daughter schooling. For I’m a single mother who carries alone the responsibilities of my two daughters only with God’s help. Because of my tiny little income, basic life expenses became an increasable heavy weight upon me, to the extent that I have to skip meeting several basic needs cause I consider learning is just  more important. That is why I see your offerings as God’s work in my life. I always thank God for you in my prayer, and my daughter does so too cause she estimates learning too.

I do pray that God bless such this ministry of you and make it always reach to whom might needs it, and bless it ten times to enlarge the blessing circle to an endless limit.

Through your offering I grasped the depth of god’s love. I never knew that there is a ministry like this and I wondered so many times in the midst of my severe trial if God will leave me facing the toughness of this life alone by myself . I thought many times if I should take my daughter out of this school now, specially that her younger sister next year will come to school age and I’ll not be able to cover the cost of putting both of them into school. That is why, as I mentioned, the timing was so crucial and really meant that God is taking care of my two daughters more than their earthly father who does not carry their responsibility.

The message of God’s caring was so clear that He cares of of my daughters learning as well as He cares of their other daily life needs. I know that my thankful words are too small before this love, giving, and sacrifice of you, but I pray from the depth of my heart that God will bless your work and will enable me to continue the giving and loving circle in my life too. For, through this offering, the message that came to my daughters was extremely important cause it made a correction in their minds to God’s image as a father after the distortion that their earthly father has made to it. They lost their earthly father though he is alive, to the extent that the oldest daughter has wondered where God is, during her suffering. She realizes how bad financially we are doing, and she always keeps worrying about her regular school fees and how it shall be paid. So the message was correcting and clarifying God’s image and making clear that He does not let down when need. He’ll not abandon her as her father did. The offering was not just to meeting the financial need but to dealing with her soul too, so God bless this loving-kindness of you.


A single mother from Cairo



#1 christ 2013-03-01 23:14
Iam single mother also (widow) i want to tell every one about my father jesus he caring me & my 2 sons thanks GOD for caring us &4 ur love. 4 ministry,Thanks 4 all ur efforts 4 help

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Living testemonies

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